Why Sea Life Sealife Camers Will Leave You Spell Bound

sealife camers

Sealine Couples and Sealife Camera is a new entrant in the sea life theme park industry. Sea Life is basically a series of marine themed aquarium attractions located on Sealife Island in the Hawaiian Islands. Sea Life has been around since the early 1990’s but was bought by the British company, Merlin Entertainments in April of 2021. The company had purchased two Sealine Islands – Maui and Oahu. Now they have two parks – Sea World and Sealine Couples – on each island.

Among the two Sealine Islands, Oahu is the bigger of the two. It was also the first of the islands to get converted into a theme park with its own attraction, Sea World. This was followed by a similar park on the Big Island. At present, Sealine Couples and Sealife Camera have four themed attractions on Oahu and two on the Big Island. In total, there are fifty-two attractions on both the Islands.

Share Of Similarities

Underwater view of a swimming pool

Sealine Couples and Sealife Camera have their fair share of similarities to Sea World. Both theme parks feature an amazing roller coaster called “Karate Kid” which is themed after a famous Kung Fu movie. Sealine Couples features a sea kayak ride and a submarine ride. The attraction Sea World on Oahu is located near the Aloha Stadium. Here you can see a shark from up close as well as see the other exotic animals swimming by. There is also a tank display where you can see the different marine life under the water including starfish, sharks and octopus.

In Sealine Couples, there is also a “Shark Encounter” where the guests can go up in the whale cage and be nearer to the frightened whales. The tank displays include live marine life. For the children who want to experience seeing the creatures up close, there is an opportunity to feed the animals in the tank. Sealine Couples and Sealife Camera do have some similarities with SeaWorld and they also offer some attractions that allow for family enjoyment. On Oahu, there is the Sealine Blast Tube, which is the Sea World’s version of a kids’ roller coaster.


A bird flying in the sky

The water here is filled with a blizzard of water which swirls around as it is shot through a tube. There is also fog cover where you have to swim against it and be swept along with it. At one time, this attraction was only open in the winter months and you could get in for one night at a price. However, recently they have made it open all year round. The price goes down for the summer months and you get to ride the tube during the rest of the year.

This attraction is very similar to the Bluff Kids Bike Park in California and it is even more exciting because it has a real life feeling. You get to see all sorts of sea creatures up close including sharks, turtles, octopuses, crabs, and stingrays. You can also go swimming with stingrays and crabs and you will never see them like this on Earth! When you are done with your tour, you will receive a certificate which has details about the sea creatures which were caught during your time on the site.


After you have learned all about marine biology, you may want to take some time to check out the seal colonies which can be found on each island. As mentioned before, these are tiny communities which do not have people yet. These are the perfect spots for families to get close and learn about how these animals live their lives around the globe. You can also learn about the fact that the island animals are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

If you do not want to make your way to Hawaii, you can always take advantage of the opportunity to see these animals in person. You can even plan a trip to see them in St. Thomas Island in the Caribbean or the Dutch Caribbean Islands.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a family getaway, you should definitely consider this option. This type of vacation will not only give you the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones but you can also see one of the most beautiful places on Earth for free.

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