What Are The Top African Animal Photography Sites That You Need To Take A Closer Look At

african animal photography

Visiting the African jungle and not taking up some good wildlife photography is a total waste of the trip you are planning on. But descending on random locations to capture those breathtaking shots is not going to happen. You do need a detailed idea to get quality pics to cherish forever. So, this blog gets you covered giving you a thorough idea of the destinations that you need to plan your visit. Hence, let us begin with-

The First One Is The Kruger National Park Which Is In South Africa

A fox standing in the grass

The destination is renowned for the size and the captivating sights that tourists get to enjoy here. It is the second-largest park in South Africa which holds Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, and Rhino accompanied by some beautiful rivers that will give numerous shots reminiscent over the trip. Plan your trip between March to September.

The Next Is The Kalahari Desert Which Is In Botswana

A deer looking at the camera

The destination charms your visit with the bright-colored sky above paired with a rusty painted valley perfectly syncing the trip time. Now the Central Kalahari Game reserve is the place where you will undoubtedly get a quick look at the hyenas, giraffes, buffalos, yellow mongoose, and elephants of course. The natural ambiance prepares the groundwork for taking down some outstanding views with you, back home. The ideal time to chalk out your South Africa plan is December To January and again from April to October.

The Third Choice is The Atsinanana Which Is In Madagascar

Now, after studying that the rainforest does offer breathtaking shots, planning down the trips during the mid-December to February and then again from June To September is what you need to sit with. Start Andasibe Mantadia national park where you get a glance at lemur for sure.

Next is the Volcanoes national park which is Rwanda which is notable for breeding the 400 plus mountain gorillas. If you are an ardent bird watcher, getting a quick look at the 180 bird species will be brilliant for your collection. Additionally, get ready for black-fronted duiker, three-horned chameleon, and the golden monkeys. 

Now, comes the Serengeti national park that is home to diversified wildlife giving you a tremendous opportunity to take shots of migrating beasts which is great, right? 

Some more names are –

  • Amboseli national park(time to visit is June To September)
  • Okavango delta(May to September)
  • Lake Manyara national park(July To October)

In Conclusion

These are the finest choices of  African animal photography destinations that you need right in front of you. Well, South Africa is that solid destination that is packed with notable safari plans. Hence buy a good sd card that comes with ample storage and a good photography camera for sure. Well, you are all set for the adventurous trip now. Make sure that you get a proper set of clothing to ensure a comfortable time. Happy traveling

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