Tips For Capturing Funny Animal Photography

A small bird perched on a tree branch

Funny animal photographs can be a great hobby or even turn into an enjoyable profession. There is certainly nothing wrong with being a funny animal photographer, but it does take an artistic eye to do so. The following are some tips for starting a career in funny animal photography.

An Overview

A cat with its mouth open

One of the first things that you will need to do is to find a subject. Many people choose to document their animals in zoos or other exhibits, but this can be very time consuming. Instead, why not consider taking pictures of your own animals? There are many different situations where a close-up photo of a pet can really come in handy.

You should choose a particular environment when choosing a location for your funny animal photography shoot. In many cases, zoos have strict guidelines as to where they will allow photographs. The animals will usually be fed at certain times and only visible signs such as ears and fur will be taken. If you are not able to do this, try looking in local newspapers or veterinary offices for possible interesting animals. A great way to get your funny animal photography shoot booked is to submit samples of your work to local animal shelters.

It’s Truly Fun 

A polar bear in the snow

Another important thing to remember is to have fun. You will likely never make a huge profit from this type of hobby, but there is also a lot of enjoyment involved in it. Many photographers enjoy creating funny animal photos so much that they go on vacation and live just down the road from their subjects. This allows them to spend time with their family and photograph anything that strikes their fancy. Try not to limit yourself to pets if you want to become a serious funny animal photographer.

Some good equipment is necessary when you plan to turn your funny animal photography hobby into a career. Because this is a specialized field, some photographers choose to invest in a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera. This camera will give you versatility, as well as being able to turn up the lighting and focus quickly. You may also want to invest in a good tripod, as you will most likely be taking photographs outdoors.

Choose Lights Well 

It is best to choose natural light over studio lighting when you plan to photograph natural scenes in funny animal photography. This is true for both stills and images. When you use the flash, the pictures will have an eerie blue tint. Also, try not to position the subject so that they are facing away from the sun. Sunlight can cause the picture to yellow.

Some animals do not like to be photographed, no matter how cute they are. There are, however, some funny animal photography subjects that will entertain all kinds of pets and fans. Consider the shy and reclusive tiger. The tiger is perfect for funny animal photography, as he poses by looking at the camera shyly while his silky coat hangs over his head. Some other animals that work well for funny animal photography are lions, bears, and elephants. While it would be difficult for the camera to capture the huge size of these animals, it is possible to get a decent close-up shot, especially when the animal is standing close to the camera.


In conclusion, funny animal photography is a unique type of photography that requires a great deal of patience, and understanding. In order to succeed, you need to photograph the animal at exactly the right time in the right place. Keep in mind that if you are planning to photograph multiple animals at once, wait until after the animals have eaten before moving on to the next one. Have fun with your funny animal photos! I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

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