Tips For Animal Photography Black And White

animal photography black and white

Black and white photography looks extraordinarily charming and soothing to the eyes. Colorful pictures tend to capture the moment, but black and white manage to capture the soul. However, it can be a bit tricky to photograph the image in black and white. If you don’t know the right tricks, then you can even spoil your picture. Further, animal photography black and white looks highly impressive. 

Black and white add a lot of depth to the pictures. At the same time, the color tends to hide that from the viewers. However, specific images require color in them, and you cannot click everything in black and white. For instance, if you connect a picture of a red-headed woodpecker, then a black and white image will not work. Therefore, for black and white photos, you have to select your subject wisely. 

Here are specific tips that you can use while clicking black and white pictures.


A fox standing in the grass

Lights can transform any image. And light plays a vital role in clicking black and white pictures. You can click on black and white photos in any light. Further, you can even click black and white images in low light. 

Further, outcast days can too produce great results. Moreover, it helps you to capture the textures and tones of wild animals in a better way. 

In addition to this, the morning and evening glow tends to work great when you use the right angle of the light. To get the perfect glow, you must use the low angle of light to click pictures. 

However, if you are new at clicking pictures, you can set your camera at the monochrome option.


A elephant that is standing in the dirt

Composition, too, plays a vital role in clicking black and white pictures. Colorful pictures tend to hide composition, be it poor or good. While black and white enhance and bring out the composition of the photographs. 

Further, while clicking pictures, do follow the KISS theory of composition. In addition to this, you can use shallow depth of field to isolate the subject. It will help you to make a dramatic effect. Moreover, it will bring out the textures of the fur and skin too. 


There are several ways through the help of which you can turn your pictures into black and white. Further, lightroom, photoshop, and silver efex pro 2 are pretty famous in this field. 

It does not matter, which means you are using it. Ensure that you have control over your process. Further, do not strip the colors down. But use the tools to turn the colors into cool shades of gray. 

A high-key process turns your pictures into a positive image. At the same time, a low-key perception reveals mysterious aspects of the image. 

The Final Say

Any picture can turn out pretty if you click it in the right way. Thus, whenever you are out, do click black and white images of the wildlife. Further, do keep the things mentioned above in your mind, and your pictures will turn out to be excellent.

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