The 21st Century Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

comedy wildlife photography awards

The organizers of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards thought it would be fun to honor the best nature photographers of our time. Over the years, this award has been given out at the most prestigious photography competitions around the globe. Many of the top prize winners have come from Africa and Asia, two areas that feature some of the most amazing photographic opportunities anywhere in the world. The best photos of wildlife captured here in the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe are collected here for a wonderful book. When the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards introduced a contest for the best funny animal photograph, they received entries form all over the globe.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

A close up of an animal

The judges of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards thought that the collection of images from the Natural World was simply extraordinary. They nominated fifteen of the most stunning photos in the book and gave them awards for both the Best Place category and the Best Photo. There were no clear favorites in either category, but there were several other very close finishes, with several images getting double or triple votes. This shows just how much the public loves these natural beauties.

One of the newly accepted charities supporting the work of the comedian Wildlife photographer Paul Hicks is the Jeppesen Trust. Jeppesen is a non-profit organization that raises funds and protects wildlife through various projects. Among the non profit organizations supporting the comedian Paul Hicks, we find the Jeppesen Trust. Among the individuals that have won awards at the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards include Jon Bitzer, who won the award for Best Male Performance. David Klein was another favorite, winning the award for Best Color Photography. Noah Boucher won the Best Family Photo.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards take place every year, with the same format of presenting the nominations. They are chosen by a jury, which consist of professional photographers and enthusiasts. The judging process is quite rigorous, in terms of artistic merit, creativity and technical capability, which is why many people feel the judges of these competitions are quite selective.

The main beneficiaries of the comedy wildlife photography awards are the natural world, through which we get to see the beauty of nature in its pristine state, without human interference. When nature is showcased in its pristine glory in such grandiose scale as these competitions, many individuals and companies are more inclined to support it, and participate in its protection. The competition encourages the participation of amateur photographers and amateurs, while promoting and preserving the talent and skill of true professional photographers.

Participating in the competition to win Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards means a lot to those photographers and film makers that love to share the beauty of nature through film. It helps them show the beauty of our planet to people from a different part of the globe. It also encourages people from all walks of life to take up this hobby, which they might not normally indulge in, and spend time perfecting it. The sheer range of subjects that can be captured using raccoon cameras is quite mind-blowing.

This is the first time I have seen such variety on display. I was really surprised by how some of the subjects presented were almost identical with those available in the wilds of Thailand! This shows the level of professionalism and dedication that goes into choosing the pictures that will grace the top prize of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. They chose very carefully what to put on the awards – choosing the most fitting pictures and presenting them as the best choice award. The judges of the competition really looked out for what was in the best sense of the word. Whether they have already won a similar Comedy Wildlife Photography Award in the past is not really relevant – they simply wanted to present a better selection of photos in order to boost their own personal confidence.

End Note

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The winner of the trophy will be announced at the ceremony on the following day. The winners will receive a grand welcome to the trophy stands from the entire jury and audience and of course the main award itself. It is truly an honour for any photographer to be invited to present one of these prestigious awards. For a lot of photographers, it is just a case of making the booking for the best time to attend the event and make the most of it.

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