Funny Animal Pictures to Liven Up Your Online Repositories

A leopard standing on a rock

Just like everyone else, animal lovers, like myself, have always liked animal images on Facebook. Even if I’m not one of them, I’m certainly no stranger to it. As of late, Facebook has included many animal-related images in its profile collection. This, however, is not new.

Of course, it is not the first time that Facebook has featured such images – in fact, even just a few months ago, they made another post containing even funnier images, and if you happen to be wondering why, you could find it at the end of this article by clicking here. The reason? Well, animal images are great for stirring up our emotions. We all love seeing cute little animals doing cute things – whether it’s eating or sleeping. And funny enough, there are actually quite a number of ways we can share these cute images with others.

One way to do this is through “Viral Marketing.” This is where you take an animal image, add your company’s logo, and then viral marketing your content is the name of the game. What is viral marketing? It is simply sharing your content with many people to allow them to pass it along to as many people as possible.

Animal Images

A cat sitting on top of a grass covered field

So what’s an animal, and why should we share one? A simple answer to that would be cats (or at least their antics). Cute pictures of cat pictures are shared all over the internet – perhaps most notably on Facebook, where millions upon millions of us visit daily. Cats are great because they’re so cute and funny that they are impossible not to like.

Another animal that is shared all the time is dogs. There are a plethora of dog pictures on many websites. They are – undoubtedly, the most popular of the lot. There are several reasons for this, but one of the most obvious is that they are so cute that just about everyone who owns a dog wants a pet of his or her own.

A Much Ado

A close up of an animal

We all love animals. The trick, however, is to find ones that are – in your opinion – funnier than the real deal. This is often tricky, but it is well worth your effort. If you’ve ever spent any time online looking at photos or videos of animals, then you know how many you can come up with that you’d like to see yourself. It’s easy once you get started, and there are many places where you can upload your work to share with the world.

Another popular option is to go and search through an image hosting site. Sites like Photobucket are huge and allow you to upload your own photos and have them hosted on the site for anyone to enjoy. This is great for sharing images from places you may have visited – but it’s also great for sharing funny animal images from the internet that you may not have found otherwise. Some of these sites are like a virtual photo gallery for your animal pictures.

Bottom Line

Perhaps you want to share pictures of dogs or cats you fancy – but aren’t sure which one to choose. Some people like cats but not dogs; some people like dogs but not cats; some people like both dogs and cats; some people don’t care one way or the other. Whatever your preferences, there is bound to be an image host that you will like. If you have an interest in animal ownership, then you should take the time to spend a little time looking for some good animal images that you – or someone you know – would like to see on a website or in a magazine.

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