Different Types of Aquarium Lighting

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Aquarium lighting with Aqua illumination can be used to provide a natural and beautiful display for your saltwater tanks. Aquarium freshwater fish are very active creatures that require the right kind of environment in which to thrive and grow. The right combination of temperature, water hardness, pH level and available space can create a wonderful home for your freshwater fish. Aquarium lighting is an extremely useful addition to any aquarium environment.

Marine Aquarium Should Be Treated No Differently

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A marine aquarium should be treated no differently than you would treat a house aquarium; therefore it is important to install the correct type of lighting for the marine environment. Typically you will find two types of aquarium lighting: primary and secondary. A primary aquarium fixture is one that provides direct light to the water’s surface. Usually this is achieved with fluorescent or LED lights. A secondary aquarium light is used to supplement the primary aquarium light.

A popular design for an aquarium light is the Aqua Lighting Pro Series. These high quality aqua illumination lights can be installed on most standard aquarium surfaces. There are several different tube configurations and color temperatures available for use with the Aqua Lighting Pro Series. The primary tubes tend to produce the most natural looking light while the most popular tube configuration is the “Aqua Tube” which is constructed of two different colors of glass.

Common Fixtures Are The Aqua Lighting Starvatio

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Other common fixtures are the Aqua Lighting Starvation series. The series consists of a single coral tube and is used to provide corals with the proper amount of light for optimal health. Many people also choose to use corals in conjunction with their primary aquarium set up. If your fish are corals, you may want to consider aqua illumination led lights for both your primary and secondary corals.

The Aqua Lighting Fiftytwo LED is another fixture which is commonly used for corals. This fixture uses fiftytwo LED lights which are located in four quadrants which are arranged in a head-turning pattern. The corals are placed on a central twenty-four inch support which is flexible.

Types Of Aqua Illumination LED Lights Available On The Market

For those corals that are too large to fit into most standard aquarium setups, the ai 64 hd has been designed specifically for these species. It is important to realize that the ai 64 hd does not provide direct light to the fish, however it does create a good amount of indirect light which is beneficial for your fish. Most of these fixtures utilize the same design philosophy of using light efficiently.

In addition to the ai 64 hd, there are other types of aqua illumination LED lights available on the market today. Some of these include the Aqua Lighting Metra, Aquazone Coolsedge, and the Eheim gel-grow lamps. Each of these fixtures are designed specifically for the species of fish which they are intended to be used on.

While most of these fixtures are easily controlled by a push of a button, it is important to use a remote controller in order to make sure that the lights will be on when needed. One of the more popular remote controlled reef aquarium lights is the Aquasciutek HC-TS. This is a fully programmable led light which uses a high quality six-axis image processing technology in order to provide a lifelike image. There are several different models and brands available from which to choose.

An Aqua Illumination Led Light Is Provided By The Aquaseal Mh

Other types of an aqua illumination LED light is provided by the Aquaseal MH-Z4. This gives you a full range of controls with the ability to adjust intensity and color temperatures. With the soliton tube and the high quality drive units, you have the ability to adjust the strength of the light which is very helpful in the saltwater aquarium environment. In addition, this makes the lighting system extremely versatile since it can be used with most types of aquarium plants. This makes it very useful for a wide variety of aquascapes.

The last type of fixture we will discuss is the Aquasciutek PM-HO LED. These are a prime example of what an Aquaseal High Output (HO) light should look like. The prime benefit of the PM-HO is that it can produce good quality lighting without being too costly. No need for an internal fan or coil, the cost of the Aquasciutek HO can be much lower than other fixtures such as the soliton tubes and drive units. This allows you to have more quality fish tank aquarium lighting at a lower cost.

Last Words

There are many different types of Aquaseal lighting available for you to use for your reef aquarium. Each of these has its own benefits, although the prime benefit of all the Aquaseals is the great light output they can provide. If you want to improve the overall brightness of the tank, then make sure to purchase all three types of Aquaseal LED lights so you can use them together in the right configurations. This will enable you to have much better quality light output.

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